Chess Tutoring Available in Holladay, Utah

By Jonathan D. Whitcomb, chess instructor in the Salt Lake area of Utah

I’m a chess tutor in Murray, Utah, offering private and group lessons in many communities and cities in the Salt Lake Valley. (Lessons cost $25 per one-hour session but with a free preliminary getting-acquainted session). One of those cities is Holladay.

I noticed an apparent lack of web sites that list the schools participating in the 2016 Elementary Chess Championship, a tournament held at the University of Utah a few months ago. Some sites list the children participating in their various grade levels, with their ratings or at least the final scores. One site (Hawthorne Elementary School) suggested that as many as 72 schools participated in the state championship tournament, but only Hawthorne is mentioned by name. I know that Morningside Elementary had a chess club before the summer break this year, for I took many photographs at the state championship and some students had “Morningside” on their T-shirts. I also know that Oakwood Elementary had a club.

Please send me an email if you know about chess clubs (or lack thereof) in the following schools in Holladay, and please mention what school year it had (or did not have) a chess club:

  • Crestview Elementary
  • Churchill Junior High School
  • Saint Vincent De Paul
  • Spring Lane Elementary
  • Bonneville Junior High
  • Cottonwood Elementary
  • Roosevelt          “
  • Cottonwood High School

Please also feel free to contact me regarding school chess clubs in Cottonwood Heights and in other communities. I am available to help in a volunteer capacity, as an assistant or advisor to any teacher who oversees, or would like to start, a chess club.

Chess Tutoring in Holladay

Regarding private chess lessons, whatever city you live in, if it’s within a reasonable driving distance from Murray, Utah, I’ll be happy to drive there and meet you. Whatever you decide, the first getting-acquainted session is free, and the city of Holladay is an easy drive from my home.

I began informally teaching chess in the 1960’s when I was a teenager. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries, my wife and I had a large family daycare in Long Beach, California (licensed by the state), and I offered free chess lessons for the children who had an interest in the game (I also taught the game of Go and piano lessons).

Please feel free to call me at 801-590-9692 and ask me what you will about the game of chess or how I may help you progress in your skill in the royal game. As of early 2016, I was ranked #356, by the United States Chess Federation, in the state of Utah, yet I continue to improve with study and practice. Age matters little in how well a person can improve in his or her abilities in chess.


Whitcomb offers $25 private chess lessons

Jonathan Whitcomb, chess instructor in the Salt Lake area of Utah




Chess Lessons in Cottonwood Heights, Utah

The following are schools in Cottonwood Heights, Utah, that have chess clubs during their school years. . . . not portrayed as a complete listing . . .

Salt Lake Valley Chess Coach

Jonathan Whitcomb, of Murray, Utah, author of the new book Beat That Kid in Chess, is now offering private and group lessons. . . . Tutoring (sessions of one hour) $25 each

Chess Lessons in Salt Lake Valley

Whitcomb is the author of the book Beat That Kid in Chess. Although that book is for the raw beginner, he can tutor students of a wide range of chess skills, including tournament players rated over 1500 by the United States Chess Federation.


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