Quotations from chess books

The following are taken from two chess books:

Win at Chess by Ron Curray — This is not for beginners but intermediate players

Every chess player wants to play better . . . and win more games. to improve, you will need to study and play [the game] — especially study. . . . an intermediate [competitor] needs information and guidance that is reliable, practical, clear, and well-organized.

Beat That Kid in Chess by Jonathan Whitcomb — This is for the beginner who knows the rules

Take the lessons in this book seriously and your ability to play chess may advance further than if you had struggled through losing twenty games. It might not take the place of seriously struggling through eighty games, however, for over-the-board experience teaches in its own way. Yet you might soon see your opponent struggle in competing with you, as you apply these lessons and teach that person humility. It’s about time. [from the Introduction of Beat That Kid in Chess]